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What Becomes of Us - Poem by Ralph J Monroe III

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

What becomes of us when society falls,

and currency crumbles.

When business objectives become obsolete,

and dreams never see reality.

The blind leading the blind into a state of decline.

An imperfect union no longer inclined...

To masquerade itself as it if cares.

Cause the wounds of degradation publicly flares.

What becomes of us?

What becomes of us when leaders mislead,

and the people are deceived.

When influence is in the hands of wolves,

and all the tool they use... feed themselves.

Prideful egos determine the ethos.

No wonder their logos is loco.

Their pathos is plagiarizing devilish schemes,

and we fall to knees worshipping their dreams.

What becomes of us?

What becomes of us when faith is weaponized,

and God receives the blame.

When we proclaim to know God's will,

yet our lives could not say the same.

The light that is shinning is crimson red,

alarming people to stay at bay.

For if they approach, they would end up dead,

from the sway of faith...religion...deception.

What becomes of us?

Ask yourself, what becomes of us if we continue down the path we are on. If hate and damaging ideologies rule the day. If your standard of life is without morals and values. If love for your enemies is gone. Then what becomes of us?

A spiral into total destruction? Reassess your values and what you think success is. Reassess the "influencers" you "follow." Reassess the motives of organizations and individuals. Ensure that what you choose to surround yourself with is constructive to society . Ensure that what/whom you surround yourself with practices loving God and loving others as you love yourself.

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