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Do You Know Me - Poem by Ralph J Monroe III

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

After reading for my Christian Ethic's class a statement caused me to pause and contemplate my context of life. The statement said,

"Those who do not routinely suffer injustice frequently get lulled into a lack of concern for others who do suffer it. This is part of the moral blindness of the privileged. At the heart of Christian discipleship is entering into the pain and injustice of a suffering world - the way that God our Maker and Jesus our Savior did." (Gushee and Stassen.)

So, as I began to think on this statement I was reminded about Matthew 25:34-40. From this contemplation, I wrote this #poem:


Do they know me?

When they ask, tell them

I Am who I am has sent you.

I Am the Devine delivering force.

Destroying destroyers determined to demolish the destitute.

I Am the Unrelenting unwavering Just God.

Usurping unjust systems

I Am the steadfast strong tower offering sanctuary for pain and suffering

Have you thought of me?

When you ask,

I'll say I am the hungry

I am the thirsty

I am the stranger

I am the needy

I am the poor

I am the forsaken

I am the hurting

I am the deplored

I am the forgotten

I am those who mourn

I am the least

I am the last

I am the outcast

I am the scorned

Do you need more?

Do you know me?

How can you show them if you have concrete think?

Cemented is pride paved from your privilege.

Injustice springing like new roadways covering the tracks to the byways.

No wonder you forgot me.


This poem is about #God and #justice. Justice is central to our life as Christians...or it should be. Jesus in Matthew 25, says that when we help even the least of these, we are doing it to Him as well. Jesus modeled #justice and as His disciples we ought to as well.

The hinderance for being the hands and feet for Christ Jesus is when we decide to remain comfortable in our places of privilege.



Gushee, David. P., and Glen H. Stassen. Kingdom Ethics. 2017.

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