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Ralph J Monroe III

Process Improvement, Business Consultant, Nonprofit Board Member

I am a leader and problem solver with an affinity towards business process improvement, operational management, and strategic management. Over the years I have developed technical skills such as Excel, Power Bi, Data Analytics, SQL, HTML, SEO, Web Design, Project Management, Financial Management and Technical Writing.


My Work

Strategic Futurist | Accredit Admin - Jan 2020 - present

Focus: Operational Management, Process Improvement, Client Relationship, Project Management

  • Coordinating and managing company's engagement with businesses seeking accreditation. Gathers and analyzes data, using HubSpot, of the end-to-end process of client service to improve processes that produces operational efficiency.

  • Project management lead for the life cycle of the accreditation projects. To date, have generated over $40k in revenue and 100% success rate for clients seeking accreditation.

Refined and Refreshed Inc. -  Jan 2021 - present

Focus: Operational Management, Board Member, Nonprofit Leadership

  • Founded Refined and Refreshed Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit, focused on breaking the cycle of generational poverty. Established the Board of Directors and oversees all strategic operations.

  • As the acting Executive Director I develop and maintain stakeholder relationships, establish organizational culture, set strategy to achieve missional outcomes, and serve as the public face for the organization.

  • Manages recruitment, evaluation and training of the volunteer program to ensure it is healthy and vital.

Technical Skills

Focus: Excel, Power Bi, Data Analytics, Web Design, Project Management

  • Dashboard Creation - Develops dashboards using data manipulation to make strategic decisions or improve operational efficiency.

  • Web Designs for business - Creates digital outreach through website creation and SEO optimization.

Certifications | Certificates


Minimal Example

Minimal Example

Example: Exec Level View

Example: Exec Level View

Example: Product Detail

Example: Product Detail

Strategic Analysis

This case study came during my time at Quantic School of Business and Technology. The purpose was to use strategic methods to determine how the business should expand.

Methods Used:

1. PESTEL Analysis

2. Porter's Five Forces Model

3. Balanced Scorecard

4. VIRO Framework


Shows my ability utilize industry methods to analyze data and implement strategies for decision making. 

Marketing Analysis

This case study came during my time at Quantic School of Business and Technology. My group was tasked with developing a marketing plan for an existing business. My group received a perfect score on this case study.

Methods Used:

1. Situational Analysis

2. Industry Background Analysis

3. Competitive Analysis

4. SWOT Analysis

5. Pricing and Positioning Strategy


Shows my ability to work with a team in order to define problems, clarify the problem, determine objectives, set goals, develop action plans, gather data, analyze findings and provide solutions for improvement. 

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