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Well, it looks like you decided to learn more about me. The funny thing is, I am constantly trying to learn more about me too. Nonetheless, I think who I am and everything I do points back to personal life vision and mission (which constantly is being refined). So, my personal vision and mission is this:

Vision: To see my generation prosper with ethically healthy lives and produce healthy flourishing legacies

Mission: Be a continuous learner, gain understanding and with wisdom create, innovate and share.

Yeah, that's sums it up. However, if you really want to know a few more things, here you go:

  • I'm all about legacy (leaving something helpful behind for the next generation).

  • I am a "Type A" personality...whatever that truly means.

  • Reading and learning about history is fascinating

  • A perfect day for me would be hiking a trail, sitting at a park to think and write, spend time with my family, read a book and finish the day with some ice cream and chocolate.

Alright now, check a different section of the website. Might I suggest the Blog page.

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